Computer language-oriented software includes

language translators such as assemblers, interpreters, and compilers.

Program generators (programs that automatically generate program code), debugging and testing programs.
Utilities are programs that are purchased as separate products; they perform a wide range of functions. This type of software includes products such as

-data conversion programs that convert data from one format to another,
-data recovery programs that restore damaged or accidentally erased data,
-librarians that log and track the locations of disk or tape program files,
-security and auditing programs, and
-merge and sort programs.

Application software refers to programs that allow you to accomplish specific tasks, like creating a document, organizing data, or drawing graphs.

Software acts as a connection, or interface, between you and the hardware.

-Interface is a term that describes how two parts are joined so that they can work together.
-System software and application software provide an interface to the hardware.

Shows the functional relationship among system software, application software, hardware, and a user.


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