Computer software

What is Software?

Software is a set of instruction written to interface between user and machine.

Who writes this instructions?

Programmers writes this instructions.

How the programmers write the instructions /software?

They use computer languages to write software applications.

Software can be divided into three main categories:

- Languages
- Applications
- Operating Systems (OS)


It is one of the software type, use to write extensive applications and operating systems It did not contains any limitations in programming. By using the languages you can write any thing for a computer.

For instance just imagine a language like a piece of cloth with that you want to make a shirt or paint curtain for windows or door, than you will take that cloth to the tailor and have him made for you or if you know tailoring you can stitch it at home.

Where as: Cloth is Computer Language
Tailor is Computer programmer
Shirt/Paint is Computer application

Example of languages are:

- CC++
- Fortran
- Cobol
- Pascal
- Perl
- Assembly Language
- Machine Language
- Java
- C#
- Oracle Forums


Software applications are user friendly and most of the time it is custom made for the end-user. Because it serving a specific purpose so it is having its own limits and bounds. It will not work beyond its bounding, for example if you want design picture in a word editor you may not able to get the result according to your desire.

Following are the different categories of applications

- Database Applications
- Front End Applications
- Reports Applications
- Word Editors
- Spread Sheets Editors
- Application for presentation
- Graphics Designing Application
- CAD designing Application
- Computer Games
- SCADA Applications

Some of the popular Applications are:

- Oracle
- MSoffice (Word,Excel,Access,PowerPoint,Outlook, etc.)
- VB
- VC++
- Autocad


This is the interface between user and computer or man and machine. This is the main and mandatory software in computer. Without Operating System (OS) computer will never starts. It is the mediator between you as an user and computer.

Think that you are suppose to talk to a person who does not understand your language. What you will do in this situation? Off course you take the help of person who knows both yours and other person's language, he is the mediator. And that's what the computer Operating System is doing.

It is very interesting that the thing from which OS has comes out still require OS to run on. In other words all languages and applications require a platform which is nothing but OS. So that conclusion on any computer first should have OS than you can have language or application on it.

Example of some of the Operating Systems:

- Windows
- Unix
- Linux
- Apple Mach
- Solaris
- Ban
- RS
- OS2

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