Interactive With The System

To interact effectively with a computer, user needs to be knowledgeable in four areas.

1.General software concepts (for example, windows, menus, uploading, and so on)

2.The operation and use of the hardware over which you have control (such as the PC, magnetic
disk, and printer).

3.The function and use of the computer's operating system and/or its graphical user interface
(GUI), both of which provide a link between the user, the computer system, and the various

4.The specific applications programs you are using

The first three areas are prerequisites to the fourth because you will need a:

  • working knowledge of software concepts,
  • hardware, and
  • the operating system and/or a GUI

before you can make effective use of

  • Quicken (accounting),
  • Harvard Graphics (presentation graphics),
  • Paradox (database).

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