Type of Processing

A multiprocessing operating system allows the simultaneous execution of programs by a computer that has two or more CPUs. Each CPU can be either dedicated to one program, or dedicated to specific functions and then used by all programs.

Interprocessing, also called dynamic linking, is a type of processing that allows any change made in one application to be automatically reflected in any related, linked application.

Real-time processing allows a computer to control or monitor the performance of other machines and people by responding to input data in a specified amount of time.

Virtual-machine (VM) processing creates the illusion that there is more than one physical machine. VM capabilities permit a computer to run numerous operating systems at one time. VM capabilities are typically used on supercomputers and mainframes.

Virtual memory, also called virtual storage, allows you to use a secondary-storage device as an extension of main memory. Virtual memory resolves the problem of insufficient main memory to contain an entire program and its data.

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