Programming In Perspective

What Is Computer Programming ?

Computer programming involves writing instructions and giving them to the computer so it can complete a task.

A computer program, or software, is a set of instructions written in a computer language, intended to be executed by a computer to perform a useful task.

The application packages such as word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems are computer programs.

A programmer is an individual who translates the tasks that you want a computer to accomplish into a form the computer understands.

What Are The Qualities of a Well-Designed Program?

· Correct and accurate
· Easy to understand
· Easy to maintain and update
· Efficient
· Reliable
· Flexible

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  1. I'd add an easy to navigate GUI in the majority of today's programs, especially web based programs for qualities of a Well designed Program.

    I'm surprised when I go out on beta tests and things that seem imperative to me as the software / interface designer become confusing to the average end user.

    Definitely knowing your target audience helps when designing these things from the start.